At Grasse, we never forget the beautiful cannabis plant, the people, and the culture.

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We never forget

Cannabis has been an engine of revolution and promises relief and joy to millions. We love the cannabis plant and everything in the plant and are inspired by extraction methods from Grasse, France; which is known as the world’s perfume capital (la capitale mondiale des parfums).

We produce full spectrum strain specific Rosin with absolutely no solvents or chemicals. Our Rosin concentrates are made from the highest quality strains from the best Farms in Oregon. Our Extraction process is hand crafted by our staff and is of the highest quality with domestic equipment from local suppliers. Look for our small batch Cannabis Rosin at a dispensary near you!

Best Ice Hash Infused PreRoll Oregon

Oregon's First Strain Specific Solventless Ice Hash Infused PreRoll Pack!
Each PreRoll is 0.4g flower with 0.1g of Ice Hash!

Best Ice Hash Infused PreRoll Oregon

Oregon's First Strain Specific Solventless Infused PreRoll
with the Rosin inside of a Tea-Leaf Wrap!


how it's made

Our Process

We use a mechanical extraction process with Heat & Pressure with high quality cannabis flower. No Chemicals or solvents touch our product. Grasse Rosin is 100% fresh squeezed cannabis.


how to enjoy

Dab Responsibly

Cannabis concentrates & extracts are a new way of consuming cannabis. At Grasse we are here to help you navigate this category and share tips and tricks and various tools and gadgets that are out there for you to try and experiment!

Do not operate a motor vehicle or machinery under the influence of this drug. For use only by adults twenty-one of age or older. Keep out of the reach of children.
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